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Production, repair and assembly of pipelines

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and their production, maintenance, assembly and repairs




Our focus is on repair and complete installation of pipelines. Byt the welding and assembly, we make technological pipelines for energy, construction, engineering and chemical industries. In the production of pipelines, we weld various types of pipelines of material classes 11, 12, 15, 17, as well as PE and PR plastic pipes. During the inspection, we supervise the inspection of welded joints. We perform pressure, tightness, NDT tests. Repair of distributions are related to their thermal insulation, pipe plating or application of coating systems according to the client´s requirements.

While working  with pipelines, we pay attention to the quality of supplied materials as well as the quality of applied coatings during production. Our company offers the services of qualified staff and complete elaboration of the order from its project documentation, valuation, through the delivery of materials, production and assembly to the final inspections and subsequent revisions. 

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